How to Spot a Legitimate Online Business and MLM Opportunity

Due to the ever increasing popularity of the internet there are a growing number or Online Business, Internet Marketing, MLM (Multi Level Marketing) and Network Marketing scams out there. Before you spend any time or money on any specific online business opportunity, there are some very important points that you should consider first. Research, research, research! I cannot say this enough. If you look for a MLM business opportunity that meets all of the below criteria you will significantly reduce the likelihood of buying into an online business or internet marketing scam!Track Record -A top quality MLM online business opportunity will either have a proven track record that the company makes easily available or if it is a new opportunity it will have a clear statement of the plan, the potential, the up-front and ongoing costs. Ideally you will also want to know how much time you will need to invest into the business.If you are starting out in your online business I strongly recommend choosing a proven internet marketing business as this increases your chances of success.Contact Details -Does the company have an address and phone number? This may seem like a silly question, but the fact is, there are a large number of companies that operate with only a website and email address. Make sure the business you intend to invest your time and money into has a physical location address, a website, email address and a phone number. Very importantly you should not have to look very hard to find these details, you want to deal with a company that wants you to be able to contact them for guidance and support!Testimonials -Does this MLM online business opportunity provide some written and video testimonials from successful members that they make readily available? Most business opportunities will show you testimonials but be wary as these can often be fabricated or untruthful. For this reason video testimonials are more trustworthy but ideally you want to find a company who will give you the names and details of successful members that you can contact. Call them via telephone and ask them any questions that you may have. Not only will this give you confidence and a better first hand understanding of the business, you can also begin to build relationships with key members of the business who you can refer to as mentors.Initial Investment -How much upfront investment is required? Do not assume that a business opportunity that is free to join is a better investment, however be wary of paying a large upfront cost as well. The final decision really comes down to value for money, income potential and support. You will want a clear cut idea of the ongoing fees and charges from the business, as well as full information on any external programs, systems or marketing that you are required to use. Check out the income projections for the MLM online business opportunity and then speak to the existing members to find out if this is reasonable and achievable.Any MLM, online or internet business opportunity should ideally require low initial investment and have a high profit potential both in the short term and in the long term. There should be a large amount of support available and the system should allow you some freedom to run the business yourself and to make some of the marketing and advertising decisions. Once you find an MLM online business opportunity that meets the above criteria, you have not only successfully avoided being scammed, but you are well on your way to building a profitable business of your own that will be a strong and stable source of income far into the future.

Business Travel – Discover the Biggest Secret CEOs Are Using to Earn Huge Profit Off Corp Travel

Up until the break of the new millennium, business travel has always seemed to be more of a burden of business expenses and earnings. The only upside is the huge tax deductions for small businesses. Even at present times, it doesn’t seem to matter who your company’s personal travel agent, travel vendor, or online travel website is that you use for travel, it’s still expensive.Next to customer fulfillment and office supply expenses, travel expenses are major. However, every since the recent recession that the entire U.S. has collapse into, new and great innovations of the 21century has finally change the way corporate America travels.Now CEOs and savvy business owners that travel frequently discovered a rich business travel success. A travel success that only the few and profound has been using since 2001.That’s right. The chosen few that have found this hidden secret are calling it the “Small business and corporate travel bail out plan through travel.” Plus. It’s quite simple…Book a flight, get paid for it, book a hotel, get paid for it, car rentals, condos, and anything affiliated with business travel, your company gets a large percentage of the travel commission earned back into the business. I’m talking “cold hard Cash.” Not some travel points or rewards cards either. Your membership puts your business in profit instantly!Your business now generates income from every employee, executive and anyone who books travel from the company. Plus, your company travel is still a write-off, how cool is that.With this newly innovative business travel revenue and revolutionary breakthrough, Expedia, Hotwire, and even your personal travel agent become useless. You’d actually lose money by using these old 20th century tactics in the 21st century.These are one of those business travel news secrets they don’t want you to know about until they “milk the cow dry.” Well now you know.So while companies are easily losing thousands from travel expenses, you can be massively earning thousands from your own travel expenses, off every trip.It’s been around since 2001, but because of it’s none mainstream media influence, only the savvy and smart business travelers have adopted this business travel model into their income streams. And boy is it revenue generator. I’m talking profits, earnings, positive cash flow, you name it.One of the biggest names thus far that quickly adapted this new corporate travel innovation is NFL’s Kansas City Chief football team. They’re faithful members because the business model makes common since, “if you use travel for business why not make a profit from it.”So if your company struggles to earn profit in this troubled economy while still taking flight after flight to increase revenue, easily step up your game and increase earnings to be among the elite business owners that use this new income stream everyday. You may just meet your quarterly goals with this revenue generator alone.